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'African daisy and wasps' art print

'African daisy and wasps' art print

This vibrant print features a bright pink African daisy, known for their intense saturated colours. Did you know that these flowers change colour as they grow? Some will change from white to vivid purple! We're ever changing, ever evolving. I'm sure your own colours are waiting to shine.


All the art prints for sale in my shop are inspired by my love of nature. I love the idea that in small spaces or in built up cities art gives us the chance to see the beauty of the natural world everyday. I love to paint and draw fauna and flora and I love finding indigenous South African plants and critters to spark my creativity. I try to reflect the magic and beauty I find my environment in the hopes that these artworks may serve as inspiration for you to find the magic in your life.


Wall art adds an element of interest to any space. This flower print could be the next decor item to add a pop of color to your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen or study. 




25cm x 25cm 

Print on paper


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[Images not to scale]


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