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Apple Core Peace Offering - original mixed media illustration

Apple Core Peace Offering - original mixed media illustration

We have snails in our garden. I love them because they’re just so dang cute, but they eat our plants to death and that’s not cool. I didn’t want get rid of them, so I started putting my apple cores in the garden hoping they would eat them instead of the lettuce and it worked! Now I feed the snails veggies scraps (and take them off the plants when I spot them) and all my plants are still going strong!


This piece is part of a prompt-based daily illustration challenge called Peachtober. I did one mixed media or ink artwork for everyday in October. I chose some of my favourites to put in my shop. Perhaps you might an interesting gift among them?

I think wall art can act as little windows into worlds beyond. I love finding a piece of art on the wall of a living room, bedroom, even kitchen. They give you moments to day dream, to relax your mind – a quiet escape. As far décor goes, only plants are better than art in benefits.


A5 (14,8cm x 21cm)
Ink and coloured pencil on paper
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