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Insects are people too (2017)

Insects are people too was my Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate exhibition. I was exploring how empathy works, or doesn't, or isn't even there at all a lot of the time. I did this by telling the stories of three insects through an installation. The installation consisted of a house with a room dedicated to each insect, set up as the room that they left behind after they died. The insects were Irene Flye, the fly, Jet Bumble, the bee, and Isabella Brown, the moth. Each one's life was a tragedy and so was their death. I told their story through clues in their room and through images that I Photoshopped representing moments in their life.

Insects are small and considered insignificant in one's daily life. By choosing insects as the characters and giving them human-sized rooms, I asked the audience to consider why certain people and stories are not thought of as worth their attention.

Explore the insects rooms below - their spaces in the installation. Then see each one's series of Photoshopped images to learn more about their life.

See the insects stories in the Photoshopped images that were placed in each one's room below.

Irene Flye

Jet Bumble