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Thkin - Thirst Quenching Skin Solutions

I designed a skincare logo and product label for an all-natural skincare brand. The client wanted the brand to be 'bold', 'fresh' and 'playful'. She also wanted to stand apart from other skincare logos and branding, especially the conventionally feminine design. She wanted a strong, clean look inspired by minimalist design.

For the logo, I went with a logotype and logomark. The logotype used a rounded font in lower case letters to give it a more informal feel. The logomark uses a water-droplet symbol to highlight the 'thirst quenching' aspect of the brand's products. A sleek playfulness was brought out through three dots on the droplet with just one pop of colour in the bright blue center dot. Making the drop black emphised this colour and made the logomark bold and easily recognisable.

The product label is for an all-natural age-defying face cream that uses argan oil. A simple illustration of the argan plant calls attention to the natural ingredients. The repetition of circles and pops of colour throughout the label adds to the playfulness of the brand and gives the logo and product label cohesion.



Client testimonial:

"Tayla designed my logo and product label, but right from the get-go, she was different to any other designer I had ever worked with, in that she wanted to understand me and what I was looking for. I appreciated her honesty and her efforts tremendously, and I did not need to go back and forth with designs, as she quickly gave me not only what I liked, but what was effective for my brand. In fact, I put an image on Facebook of the label she designed, and I received a massive response due to the attractiveness of the label and logo. She is a pleasure to work with and I consider myself blessed to have 'found' her."

- Claire Carradice, owner of Thkin.

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