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Glenda's Greens logo design

I designed a logo for Glenda Scott, owner a small vegetable growing business. Glenda wanted her logo to be a wheelbarrow of vegetables. She was looking for simplicity but also wanted to design to be catchy. One of her goals was to eventually supply food store, so I wanted to make sure that the logo worked well in a supermarket setting as well as representing her as a small business.

As such, I designed a single colour illustration with clean lines. I incorporated the initials of her business, GG , into the wheelbarrow. The first G forms the wheel, the second forms the support legs. They can also both look like wheels which make it look like a shopping trolley. The tilted angle signifies the barrow being pushed, but also adds a feeling of speed, like a trolley being pushed so fast that the back wheels have lifted. This implies speedy service and fresh vegetables. The focus was freshness and quality. This is achieved through a light green, large vegetables and clean, rounded lines.

Final design

Design Process

Glenda wanted something unique and eyecatching. I at first tried making it a more realistic view, but went with a flat, simple sideview instead that allowed me to focus on colour and concept. Glenda originally wanted her business to be 'Glenda's Garden Greens', but changed it on my recommendation. This allowed me to include the 'GG' in the design.

Logo design concept sketches. Minimal, simple vegetables in wheelbarrow illsutration brainstorming design

Concept sketches

Initial logo options

Option 01:

Veggies so fresh they’re still growing when delivered!


This design is simple, sleek, but

with a humourous take on ‘fresh’ veg!

Option 2:


A whimisical look. This option is minimal but quirky.


I wanted to pay homage to the bees who help us grow fruits and vegetables. Including one on the wheelbarrow gives your brand a cute, home-grown feel!

Option 3:


Super-fresh! Super-modern! You might even find it in your supermarket! This design incorporates two G’s into the design giving it a fun take on a wheelbarrow.


The bright green and the tilted wheelbarrow create a feeling of quick, professional service!


Vegetable logo design mockup. Logo on brown paper bag mockup
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