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Morpheus album cover design 

This album cover was inspired by Neil Gaiman's comic book series, The Sandman. I reached the chapter titled 'A dream of a thousand cats' and I thought, "That sounds like an album title".
I designed this with the idea that Morpheus (AKA The Sandman) approached me to design album artwork for his new lo-fi album titled A dream of a thousand cats.


The nod towards The Sandman is represented here by the use of sleeping cats. The cats are floating against a space background which gives the artwork a dreamy feel.  The astral theme also points towards psychedelic drugs which are often associated with the dream-state.

I wanted the artwork to reflect contemporary lo-fi aesthetics while still standing apart from other typical lo-fi album artwork. For this reason I drew on the saturated pinks, purples and greens of lo-fi aesthetics. I created a fixed grid by repeating curled up cats across the design. This gives the design more structure which represents the calming quality of lo-fi music. 

Regarding the album Morpheus says,


"Don't be fooled by the mellow beats. This album touches on a lot of dark issues regarding the relationship between humans and cats."

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